Spreading The Good Word For Home Improvement

We love everything to do with DIY and improving the layout of your home. We cover everything from a complete renovation through to the odd jobs you get nagged about. Not sure how to fix a leaking pipe? We got you covered. Need more info on how to build a patio, we got you covered again.

We help bring together the very best tips and tricks we can get our hands on to help you make the right decisions when it comes to remodeling your home, or just wanting to keep your property beautifully maintained on a day to day basis.

And just to get you started, here’s something we thought you’d find helpful…

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How to Clean Your Garage Like A Pro

Okay, so you’ve got a garage. Well done! You made a wise choice when you bought your house. The only problem is that now it looks nothing like a garage!! When was the last time you fit a car in there? You see what tends to happen, is that all of a sudden our garage becomes a room, not for our car but for storing every piece of junk we have lying around.

So…it’s time to have a clear out! Here are some great tips to help you clean out your garage like an industrial cleaner!

If you’re looking for further tips to help inspire you and motivate you to pick up that brush and get working, then check out Bobvila’s site here.…

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Tips And Tricks To Update That Old Kitchen

Every now and again we take a step back, look at our kitchen and think…this looks a bit shoddy! Something needs to be done! So the next step is to consider your options. Are you looking for a complete refurbishment or just need to update parts of the kitchen? Maybe something just needs a new paint job? For instance, you might just need to resurface your kitchen cabinets?

Isn’t Youtube great! If you’re unsure about how to do something, trust a good “How to” video!…

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What Options Do I Have To Extend The Space In My House?

Because of the current economic climate many people are finding that moving house isn’t an option any more simply because it’s too expensive and of the economic uncertainty. But you’ll be pleased to know that there are other options. Two of the options we’ll be discussing here are to do with verandahs (examples here) and a typical home extension.

As the size of our family grows, so too does our requirement for space. For some of us it may not even be down to the increased size of our family but our simple desire for extra space. Usually this comes about because of the never ending stream of purchases and odd bits and pieces that eventually take up all of the available space leading to us feeling cramped and claustrophobic. On the other hand, you might just want a beautiful modular home extension, but don’t let that …

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